Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alone Yet Not Lonely

Two days ago the unthinkable happened.  I still get the heebie-jeebies when I think about it.  The horror, the horror...our coffee pot finally gave up the ghost.  Gasp!  It had been threatening off and on for the past few months in fact the last go around was when it started beeping for no known reason, and then stopped beeping for no known reason for almost a half hour a couple of weeks ago.  As you can see it was just a matter of time, but still even when things are inevitable it can come as a shock.  So one of the first things I did yesterday after dropping the hubby off at the airport was to go and find one on sale.  To be honest even though it was listed at 40% off it still wasn't a great deal.  I almost opted for the model one step up but in the end I realized even if I bought this one I would be shattering the budget.  I brewed my third pot this morning and can say that I am very satisfied with the results.  Yes actually, this is what my life has come to in the blogging world, waxing poetic about a coffee pot. 

 And here you thought I was going to go on about ticks.  As a matter of fact I hadn't thought about it, but while I'm on the subject the dog is on 318 as of this morning.  She's pretty nonchalant about the whole process now, in fact I think she rather enjoys all the attention she gets when we hunt for the parasitic little blood suckers embedded into her flesh.  Gross. 

Today I started my painting project for the walk in closet and en suite, I was a little pouty about it though because it is such a nice day, and really, who the hell wants to be inside painting when it is so beautiful outside.  Not me.  But, you ask, how can you be blogging when you should be painting?  Ah well now there is the beauty of things, I just ran out of primer so I can not go on.  Why don't I just buy some more?  Even better - today is Sunday and around these parts the stores that sell the stuff are all closed.  Aw, that is so sad. So seeing as I hadn't blogged in a bit I thought I would sit down and write me some words before heading out the door and taking the hound for a run and to gather some new ticks.  Life is funny is that way. 

So hubby arrived safe and sound out west yesterday and started his journey back across the country.  Unfortunately they only made it 300 kilometers before getting a flat.  Yikes, apparently some scary stuff was going on for awhile but once they got the convoy stopped they managed to change the tire and drive to the nearest town where they spent the night. This morning they realized that things are not as they should be so  they are recouping and trying to figure out the next step and hope to be back on the road sometime this afternoon.  Luckily the hubby ended up going and not me because I would have been next to useless with the issues they are having.  This is me sending Internetty vibrations of luck and an easy journey to everyone! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>luck

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


  1. I think that state (suggested in your title) is built into our DNA.

  2. Hi Iron Bess, You write things that move my soul and bring delight to my life in the company of another sister of a different mother. Thanks. I really do enjoy reading what you share of your life. Stay calm and carry on.