Saturday, June 2, 2012

Party Central at Kitpu Estates

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned before but I live out in the sticks on a nice little, quiet lake.  All but one of my neighbours are summer cottages only, so typically we have the place to ourselves about 90% of the time.  And although I do occasionally resent having people show up I am usually magnanimous about it and allow them to stay provided they don't try to get all friendly like with me and say hi.  Well perhaps I'm not exactly that bad, but on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is Julie the cruise director on the Love Boat, and 10 is the guy with the chainsaw in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I am probably a seven like the woman off Saturday Night Live who says she will keep the ball that was accidentally thrown into her yard.  I will chit chat with our regular neighbours, after all she is one of the sweetest people ever.  I will chit chat with her husband but only briefly because he annoys me.  I will even talk with summer cottage people as long as they don't make a habit of it.  LOL

Anyway one of the neighbour cabins had a party last night and I couldn't believe how rammy the animals were.  Both the cat and dog had their noses out of joint and spent a lot of time pacing and getting all pissy about the additional noise.  To be honest it was just a bunch of people having a campfire and doing sing-alongs as a group.  It sounded like fun.  The dog did what any normal German Shepherd would do, she lost her shit and acted all tough and barked like a crazy thing when someone tried walking by the house.  Hackles up, bared teeth, and Lucifer like noises emanated from her mouth. I dragged her into the house where she continued to be out of sorts.  On the other hand the cat walked around looking like she was at least three times as big as she normally is.  Actually she looked like she was sitting on one of those electricity balls which makes your hair stand up when you touch it. I pointed out to the hubby that I was by no means the most antisocial entity in the house. 

I went for a bike ride yesterday and felt fair to middling during it.  My knees held up not too bad, they just complained a bit when I was pushing up some of the more longer hills.  But all in all I think I came out of it relatively unscathed.  I managed to cover around 24 kilometers in a relatively short period of time, considering that the last 12 k was very rough.  The coolest thing about it was that just before I got home I came across a mother deer and her newborn fawn.  It was so new that it still couldn't really walk yet.  It was about half the size of my dog.  As all animals seem to be around here the mother was super skittish and high tailed it when I called out, but the little spotted thing just crouched in the long grass on the side of the road trying hard not to be seen.  Obviously I did not stop and just continued by not wanting to terrify the poor little mite. 

So today I believe I will try another run.  Yeah.  Yikes.   

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  1. You obviously need to socialize your pets a little bit. They're in for a rude awakening when I bring my brood yonder!