Friday, June 22, 2012

Feeling Good

I don't want to jinx this or anything but I feel Fan-freaking-tabulous!  What a great run I had today, the temperature was just perfect, coolish with a hint of water droplets in the air, no bugs (well not much), and the best thing of all, no knee/hip problems.  Even now, an hour or so after, I feel great.  So yay me.  That's what I get for being smart about starting to run again.  Instead of just giving er and figuring that it will all fix itself in time, I have been moving through the process at a nice, slow, easy pace.  Wow you do get smarter as you age.  Who'da thunk it?  So this is week number four and I think I will up the amount of days I can run to another day.  I'm pretty stoked. 

Last night just as I turned off the lights and got ready for another night of sleep the outside world caught my eye and there were literally hundreds of fireflies all around the house.  Had I not been so knackered I would have gone outside to just sit and watch the show.  As it was me, the dog, and the cat sat at the screen door and watched.  Well I watched but I'm not sure what the animals were doing, maybe wondering, "What the hell is she doing?  Is she going outside?  Does she have food in her hands?  Is this a new game?  I think I need to chew on the cat."  Anyway it was pretty cool, most especially because it was clear with only the only light being the stars which did not diminish the display. 

As I was coming in the house I noticed that the doorbell is broken.  How in the seven levels of the abyss does that happen?  Most especially because we do not have many visitors, and the ones we do have do not use the doorbell?  Did it just spontaneously disintegrate?  Shit like that has a tendency to make me shake my head and think, "WTF?"  So when I head into town today I will have to pick up a new doorbell button.  Having a house is like a never ending drain on your finances...or perhaps it is just a way of protecting your investment...either way it's expensive. 

But expenses be damned because I have every intention of winning the lottery tonight.  Imagine what a person could do with that kind of money.  I would have the best doorbell button ever! 

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