Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wet Weather

I am happy to report that ALL the hardwood has finally been laid down on its final resting place.  Whew.  Only one more floor, in the last room on the main floor that needs to be completed, and then we can finally say it is done.  Haha...we can't even come close to saying that it is done, there is this whole other floor, mainly the basement, which needs to be gutted and redone.  Then there is the deck, the Wookie Cave (aka my studio) to name but a few.  But the main floor is the one we spend 95% of our time living on so once that is done the rest we will do as we can and not stress about it much.  Well I will spend less time stressing, the hubby will continue to stress as usual. 

The hubby is pushing to get the drywall done in the ensuite so I can throw a coat or two of paint on it.  It may potentially be used as a temporary housing unit for small human beings for a few days so I want it to be relatively livable, and hold no possible health hazards.  Although knowing the particular mini human that will be inhabiting it, it might be impossible to make it completely safe.  Only padded walls, floors, and ceilings could achieve that.  (Maybe)

My hips and knee don't hurt as much anymore which means that it is time for another run so I can retain my Gimp Along title.


Back from my run, which by the way I actually survived, and felt pretty good about it.  Did just over 2k and managed not to injure myself, puke, or fall.  A good day.  The pain in my knee and hip now is starting to feel like "I just started to run after a long hiatus and it feels crappy and hurts because of that" instead of like "OMG I think I need surgery" which is my book is awesome.  Yup I'm still walking around like a ninety year old who was kicked in the side by a rabid horse, but my brain is telling me that my body is starting to come around, like, "Well WTF?  If she is going to keep doing this shit again I had better start fixing things around here."  Great right? 

I had a nice chat with my bestest friendicus on the phone today, she lives all the way across the country on the other ocean so the time change is a bit of a hindrance so we don't talk much.  Plus both of us have an aversion to speaking on the phone, and that definitely doesn't help much.  But we caught up a bit and all is quiet on the western front. 

So Ms Gimp Along is going to sign off now and maybe watch a couple of episodes of Doctor Who.  


  1. What I hear you saying is that we likely won't recognize the place by the time we visit.

    1. Well you definitely will not be seeing the pink wall paper with the hearts made out of flowers, or the dark green wall paper with pink flowers, or the silver wall paper with the blue vases, or the duck wall paper, or the chicken wall paper, or even the 70's funky swirly wall paper. You also will not be seeing the shag carpeting...well you will if you go into the basement. So I guess the answer to your question is, no you are not going to recognize the place, even from the outside.