Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back On The Ranch

Well I am back from the doctor's office, or perhaps it would be more accurate if I said, the alien mother ship.  Seems to me that doctors are really extra terrestrials because lately any time I go and see one all they want to do are probes on my poor unsuspecting body.  Well at least it is over for now and I can go on my merry way and try not to completely ignore what he wants me to do for the next six months.  Sadly I don't get a year's hiatus from him, I have to go back much sooner...sniff.

These days it is difficult for people to get a family doctor out here at the edge of the world but we managed to snag a brand new one.  Well not a brand new doctor, he actually has been practicing for awhile, but he is new to the province.  Anyway while I was gone last year the hubby actually managed to acquire a family doctor vis a vie a poster, yay us.  But unfortunately he is about an hour away, yikes us.  Which means that I had to get up rather early to be at my morning appointment today.  Afterwards we took the opportunity to drive into the city and return some items which we purchased a few days ago, but then were back in town a little after noon.  That is the kind of thing which really brings home the fact that I now live in a teeny tiny, small, wee province.  When I was out west going to the city would always be a full day's outing.  Driving there typically took hours, so consequently by the time I finished shopping and doing whatever "stuff" I had before I drove home the entire day was shot.  Always.  In fact, more times than not I would be pulling into the driveway in the middle of the night.  So instead of wasting all my time driving today I actually did doctor stuff, returning stuff in the city, buying groceries in town, and mowing the lawn.  My part of the whole lawn mowing experience usually takes about two and a half hours.  And the best part is that it is still light out.  Sweet. 

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