Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back At The Shack

If I mentioned what a beautiful, lovely, sunny, blue skies, warm day it is today would you be mad?  I hope not, I hope that wherever you are reading this your day is as nice as mine.  I just got back from taking the Hellhound for a walk and I must say...wowza!  I had one of those walks where I could actually just let my brain wander in the land of imagination, and let the dog wander in the land of stinky smells.  It was great.

So I am off to town this afternoon to get the mop hacked off by a professional, and believe me that is the type of person I need to cut my hair because when I do it....yikes!  Not that I really care all that much how it looks because frankly I don't have to look at it, but when the hubby, and others, start giving me those sideways looks like, "Should I be scared of this person, or is she just retarded?"  I figure to be able to blend in a little socially I really should cave and let someone else snip at it like they know what they are doing. 

Anyway before I go I thought I would share some pictures from the land of plethora of cottages, or the land of Anne of Green Gables, or more like the land of Bud the Spud.  This picture is from one of the beaches close to our cottage. 


These next two pictures are of Thing One and Thing Two.  Both traumatized that they were forced to sit for a portraiture. 

This next picture is of a small washed out section of the cliff.  It kind of looks like those red rock canyons down in the states. 
This next picture is of three circles that I thought was pretty cool.  I have no idea what makes these things I'm thinking if there wasn't so much water around it might be sand worms.  But maybe that is just the sci-fi nerd coming out in me. 
This next picture is of the Poop Brigade looking like they are just out going for a stroll and have no plans to off themselves by doing the most dangerous activity they can think of.  Do not let it fool you. 

Finally here are a couple of pictures of the Confederation Bridge, it is pretty cool.  Apparently the longest bridge over cold water.  It doesn't cost anything to drive onto the island, however if you want to get off it will cost you $44.00. 






  1. What the hell? Did this entry just time travel or something? I swear it wasn't here until this evening...don't mess with me like this man!

    1. Hmmm? Not sure if it is time travel or not. I did edit a couple of typeos I wonder if that was the cause?