Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Is it really already September?  My brain is refusing to acknowledge that date.  The summer has gone by in a whirlwind of highs and lows.  My daughter is now living close by, my mother is dead, summer is gone, fall has arrived.  The world continues along its merry way ignoring all and sundry. Those of us who were otherwise engaged missed out on the progress. 

 The earth travels approximately 2,592,000 kilometers a day, give or take a kilometer, so that means if you take your eyes off the prize for even a half hour you will miss out on 54,000 kilometers of the road.  Wow, that is a lot of road.  That means that in the last two months of my life I have missed out on 155,520,000 kilometers of wobbling axis and solar winds.  All that way and I didn't even think to send one post card to anyone. 

My mom's ashes are sitting on the bench by the back door where I put them the day I picked them up from the funeral home.  I'm unsure of what to do with them for now.  Good thing she liked that bench.  Mom wanted her ashes to be spread on a mountain which loomed over the small town where she lived in BC, and it's going to be awhile before I can get out there and do the dastardly deed, so in the meantime Ashes R Us.  Being new to the process I do wonder if there is a correct etiquette in regards to ashes.  Do I put her in a place of honour where she can preside over the daily household activities?  If that is the case what exactly is a place of honour?  I remember that my uncle kept my grandpa's ashes in an old truck parked in his back yard.  It wasn't until he was trying to get rid of it and had to go through the mountains of crap in there that he found them, then he ended up spreading them along with my dad's ashes in their old hunting grounds.  My dad would have been less than pleased with that arrangement.  He and Grapesy did not get along so much.

My mother was pretty fastidious so I am pretty sure that the derelict truck storage system would not have suited her tastes.  I do have a fireplace mantel and I seem to remember hearing that it was a place of choice for some people, but I'm not really convinced that it would be a place my mom would be too thrilled with, you see, she was always running on the hot side and didn't like too much heat.  Do you take her when you go to the beach, or go out for dinner?  Or is the dearly departed relegated to staying at home until such time as their ashes get united with the rest of the universe?  Oh well, I guess I will just have to wing it.  Or maybe just Google it. 

And just as an FYI, it took me 108,000 kilometers to make lunch today. 


  1. While we work on an upgrade (of some sort...we'll talk) I find the conundrum conunding as well. Maybe centrally in the living area if you know what I mean (even if it is a bit confining)? A different storage option might make the bay window appropriate (she never got tired of a pleasant view of the world). But of course it would require some kind of guarantee against the ggkids. Definitely not the son-in-law family route...all that running around would just piss her off.

  2. Just one question, you do know how special you are, right?

  3. Holy Crap, Iron Bess, it takes seven or more of the unintelligable graphics and many best guesses through the whodunnit machine to comment here. WTF? do you want readers or not? Just askin'. Really, seven trips through the idiot moniker just to say this? If you don't want readers just write emails to family, this is nuts. Great blog, maybe you just want readers,not comments. Don't know, do what's best for you.

    1. Sorry Laur, not sure what is going on. Maybe the settings are too strict or something, I will check it. I thought I had it set so anyone can comment without pulling a kidney. Unfortunately this Blog site is not mine to control I think it may be run by the Blog Nazi's. Or pehaps Wookie Jesus.