Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Do You Do On A Beauty Day?

Hey guess what? If you guessed that I am now about to pass on another weather report, well then you must be psychic.  So without further ado…the weather was (is) seriously beauteous today.  The humidity was well within human tolerances, the sky was blue, the wind was gusty, the temperatures were (are) amazing.  There is joy in Mudsville folks.  The joy that only a gorgeous day can bring.  One has to wonder if every day was like this if it would be less of a joy, joy experience?  From where I am standing I vote no.  In fact all I have to do is listen to the radio and hear about the badness that hurricane Michael? Mitchell? Marvin? Max? or is it Laurie? caused in the other Atlantic province that is not mine.  Power outages, flooding, old ladies taking up painting because their husbands are dead.  Perhaps that last one wasn’t hurricane related but it was definitely on the radio.  Then on the other side of the country there are fires, smoke, and the potential loss of a shopping weekend.  It makes me appreciate my day so much more, and the fact that I no longer have to shop on the weekends.  
Okay now that the weather report is over I bet you must be dying for the “pet report” because you know it’s going to happen.  (By the way, how many freakin Java updates can there possibly be?  It seems like every five minutes my computer is diligently reporting the fact that Java needs to make a very, very important update to the system, what a crock of horse manure that is…but I digress.)  Where was I?  Oh yeah, pets.  The picture below is of two very wet, happy, and spit covered shepherds who have been made to stay at the door so the rest of us did not have to experience the happy, wetness of their mung covered bodies. 

This next picture is of one of the screaming banshees experiencing the joyfulness that comes from making her first cake.  Just prior to this she asked me if I had a Freudian clock?  Now I’m not exactly sure what a Freudian clock is, but she was colouring at the time and might have had her brain otherwise engaged. 

Hubby and I went for a walk on this beauteous day and this picture shows a happy, dry, and mung free hound which we did not mind having in close proximity.  (Until she tried eating a dead frog.) 

This is our beach, and the new improved pier, which I am hoping will do its job and retain more sand over the years.  Hubby is hoping that it will do its job and be a good anchor for the future dock.  Our priorities sometimes can get skewed.  Plus this is just another example of why we do not understand what the other one says.

So what does one do on a day such as today besides go for walks then sit and enjoy the shade while looking over the water?  The obvious answer is to clean out the fridge.  So this next picture shows my fridge cleaning helper in the throes of an orgasmic experience of suddenly finding a new place to play, or just hang out. 

And last here are Kit and Karson (Bonnie and Clydette) enjoying a well deserved siesta from the trials and tribulations that was their day.  Poor things, they went from the pinnacle of ecstasy to the depths of despair. 

Dog: "Look a dead, rotting frog! Yummy I think I will lick it." 
Me:  "Gross!  Get away from that thing!"
Dog: "Awww. I have never been so sad in my entire life.  I may just end it all right here.  Look a rock!"

Cat: "Wow! A new see-through box for me to play in.  It must be a present from the Munificent Munitioner for Cats."
Me: "Gross! Get out of that it has slimy lettuce stuck to the bottom."
Cat: "I hate her.  I think I will bite her ankles then pretend that I don't see her." 





  1. How bout we send you some of our weather for the next few days? It's supposed to be between 27 and 28 for the next three with all that humidity you enjoy so much. This after we toyed with frost last night (it bottomed out a 3 degrees). After that we'll keep the stuff that is coming as I have no issues with 20-21.

    1. How bout you keep the humidity and the overly hot temperatures while I sit here and admire it from afar?