Friday, September 7, 2012

What To Do On A Sunny Day When The Water Is Flat

Today dawned sunny, and calm so I thought it was a great day to go for a little kayak tour on the lake.  It has been a long time since I (we've) gone for a toodle on the lake.  This was actually only the second (possibly third) time all year.  So I grabbed a bottle of water, my camera, and the hubby and headed for the deep blue, well more like the deep tea coloured waters.  The air was in around the 24 degree mark, not too hot, not too cold.  It was a pretty sweet little paddle around if I do say so myself.  Above is a picture showing some shoreline which I thought was interesting.  Below is hubby in the yellow kayak, as you can see it is nowhere as nice as the red one.   

Above picture is me contemplating getting out of the craft and hauling it a few meters to the other side of the little neck separating the two ends of the lake on the far eastern side.  I opted to paddle around after taking a few pictures cuz I thought it was a pretty neat spot. 

Oh look below, there is Iron Bess in a pretty red kayak which is so much nicer than the lemon variety.  (Yes it is a running commentary between me and the hubby in regards to whose boat is purdier.  Mine of course.)

Below we are rafting up and and having a break, this allows our kayaks to catch up on the latest gossip in the land of the water craft.  Or is that in the water of the water craft?

Hubby decided to take seventy five pictures of a deer standing on the shoreline on our back forty.  He can't see without his glasses so this is one of the pictures which actually showed the deer.  You have to look very close, or maybe just zoom in real close.

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  1. Shhhh! If you keep talking about it everyone will want to come and kayak.