Monday, September 10, 2012

Cats And Rain

This weekend was a wet one.  Two hurricanes blowing up from down south has dropped a fair bit of moisture on our heads.  (Ready yourself for the cliche)  We needed it.  The lake is the lowest I have seen it and was in dire need of a fill up.  I'm pretty sure after this little weather system moves on it will have added a substantial volume to the entire province. Not like I had any doubt seeing as last year we had enough rain to start contemplating the logistics of gathering pairs of animals.  (The South American tree frogs and the blue whales had me scratching my head big time.)

The kidlet and her horde spent the last couple of days here so the decibel levels were running at the extreme levels for most of the time. In fact I might have to go and visit an otolaryngologist in order to save some of my hearing.  I always remember to pull out the Decidamps for chainsawing but I never remember when the screaming banshees arrive.  My bad. 

The cat has more sense then the rest of us, as soon as she hears the van pull up, bam she's gone.  Personally I think she has a portal into another dimension down in the basement because she literally disappears.  I think because she is an inside cat out of self preservation she had to invent, or discover one.  On the other hand the dog was in canine heaven and spent a glorious few days munging the hell out of the kidlet's dog.  Thankfully it had rained a lot because the two would have had at least five gallons of German Shepherd spit dried all over their coats. 

Did you know that a cete is the word for a company of badgers?  Not that I'm suggesting anything by that, I just thought I would let you know. 

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