Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monsoons Are Us

Today is day two of monsoon season here at the shack.  The rain goes from light drizzle to full out biblical downpour in regular intervals every hour or so.  This gave me the incentive to start tackling the, Laundry Room of Disaster, today.  Over the last two months anything I acquired from my mom's stuff ended up sitting on the folding bench, then in the closet, then on the floor, then on the stuff on the floor, then on the stuff on the stuff on the floor, etc.  You get the picture.  Finally when I just wanted to go in and do some laundry it was becoming a little bit hazardous to the health.  Had the washer started spinning out of balance it could have caused a landslide of epic proportions.  Cats, dogs, and Bess could have been trapped for days in a pile of detritus consisting of craft and art supplies, tweezers (seriously how many tweezers can one person own), first aid supplies, doilies, photo albums, slippers, hats, etc, etc.  So today I did the regular sorting of piles into a) Donate, b) Throw Away, c) Keep.   As per my normal M.O. the keep pile was scads smaller than the donate and throw away pile.  Sorry mom but off to the Red Cross go all the doilies and table clothes, however I will keep the art supplies, if and when I finally get the Wookie Cave finished I will put them to good use. 

My beach is now officially underwater so now will come the test to see whether or not the new jetty will do its job over the winter months and help stop the sand from getting washed down the lake.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  The big assed rock that hubby pushed down the bank and out to the front of the jetty is almost all the way underwater already.  This is a good thing.  We are hoping that when the ice forms it will be over top the rock which means that when it moves it will not shove the rock and everything behind it out of place. 

Two days ago the weather was sunny and dry so we spent a good portion of it hauling wood from the wood pile into the house and down into the basement and into the bunks.  We managed to get two and half bunks full, only five and half left.  (Oh my aching back.)  I am hoping that the weather will dry up over the next week or so because all the drying the wood did over the summer may be in jeopardy from this new infusion of moisture.  Last year we were smart enough to tarp it around this time of year...this year, not so much. 

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