Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold Day Out East

Yup it was a cold, cold day out east, and by cold I mean -8 Celsius.  Now for all you people in cyberspace who are poopooing -8, tough noogies!  Yes I grew up in weather that hovered in the -40's when I was a kid.  Yes I walked to school in that kind of weather, uphill, both ways.  Yes I thought that was freakin cold too.  No I am not saying that -8 in anyway compares to -40, what I am saying is that right now, today, out here it feels freaking cold.  There is something about the wind that just goes right through you. 

I remember one time when I was a young 'un in the wilds of northern Ontario (snork) we decided to leave the small assed little town we lived in to go and shop in the big city.  Before we left the thermometer hovered in around -35 or lower.  Later when we got into into, shopping central, the temperature was hovering at the -15 degree mark and we all thought, "woohoo", until we got outside of the vehicle.  You see the big city was located along side a big-assed lake, THE big-assed lake, which if anyone remembers their science lessons from grade school, by it's presence kept the air temperature warm-er, but the frigging wind coming off the lake drove huge icicles through your very bones.  Its kind of like that, except not so extreme. 

So today, right now, the wuss that I am, I stayed indoors and did indoor activities like chopping kindling, baking biscuits and watching the Sarah Conner's Chronicles, which by the way the jury is still out on, it has it's moments, and then it has some pretty serious non-moments.  For example; in the first movie there is only one Terminator and it does some pretty serious collateral damage to the unsuspecting city dwellers.  In the second movie there are two Terminators, one of which is the good guy, and they do some ultra serious damage to many, many unfortunate bystanders.  (I will ignore the third movie in this diatribe because, frankly, it doesn't deserve to be mentioned at all.)

Well to begin with in this series you have Terminators up the wazoo, in fact I think there may actually be more Terminators walking around than there are actual people, and neither of the four remaining humans, or any of the other Terminators know.  In fact I think the crime rate actually decreases in the city because all these Terminators are a bunch of Pansy-nators.  Not that I am a huge fan of bloodshed but seriously WTF is wrong with the writers in this show? I'm on the first disc of the second season and so far I'm thinking that the main Terminator dude is probably a model that should have just been thrown onto the scrape heap as soon as it came off the assembly line.  It took Arnold maybe a day or two to find Sarah the first time around before he started laying some pretty big whop-ass on people.  This Terminator has been kicking around for a couple of years, give or take, and still hasn't been able to find anyone worthwhile to be mean to, let alone kill.  He's like a 'tardinator or something, Linda Hamilton would have dropped kicked his ass into The Fifth Element where he would have become one of the clean up crew for Zork. 

Plus he infiltrates the FBI and...oh never mind.  I guess what I am saying is that the series pretty much bites moldy biscuits, but when it's cold outside and none of the movies you have appeals to you, and all your books are packed away, and your Kindle doesn't call to you, and you've caught up on all the Lexulous games then watching the Sarah Conner's Chronicles fills a void.  If nothing else it makes you shake your head a lot causing you to actually use some muscles. 


  1. If you get the chance I would strongly recommend 'Sherlock', the BBC retelling Mr. Holmes in the modern setting. Good strong British Teevee. Sadly 'series one' is only three episodes. Mind you each episode is almost and hour and half. might be surprised at how damned good 'Sling and Arrows' is despite being about a Shakespearean drama festival. It's equal parts funny and awesome.

    Just ask that brother of yours...he might be able to scare them up for you.

  2. I'm poopooing you. You are a wuss, -8. Big wuss bucket.