Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Groundhog's Blizzard

Holy blowing snowflakes Batman!  Not all that long ago I was dreaming of a green xmas, and a greener New Year.  Well as my aunt used to say, "shit fire and save the matches!" she ain't no green new year no mo.
I believe that without the wind drifts we ended up with fifteen inches of snow.  That is a shite load of snow, most especially when you have several kilometers of roads to plow.  Hubby got stuck with the tractor, then the truck got stuck, then the quad, then the tractor again.  Then the neighbour got stuck, then hubby got stuck again, then I got stuck twice.  Maybe we should have stayed in bed and dug ourselves out after the fact. 

The irony is that right after the most assured fact that the ole ground hog did not see his/her shadow, today is the second day of the solar system course that I am enrolled in.  Pretty sure if we had had solar panels we would have been trying to find them until spring. Now is that four weeks from now? 


  1. You can switch the season but I'm thinking this could be your current theme song. Not to mention Corb was pretty much yer neighbour back when ya'll was a western...he hails from the foothill country just North of the pass.

  2. Too funny. I heard this on CBC a while ago. But you're right, it is the season of being stuck and this is a good theme song for us.