Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walk a Doodle

Today was a pretty uneventful day in the land of the East which is home to the Bess.  It was kinda crappy, kinda overcast, and although the temperature was within spitting distance of zero (on the plus side) the wind chill was chillin.  CBC said that it was actually -18 with the wind.  Yikes.  So after doing a few needed household kind of things like folding laundry, paying bills, making bed, and finishing some games of Lex on FB, I dressed for the weather, grabbed small black and furry, and mosied out to the pasture, well the back forty which has a field that could be a pasture iffin I had me some moo-cows or sheep of some sort. 

I happily found that I was actually dressed appropriately and didn't feel the need to scurry back to the shack immediately, so I decided to head out to parts unknown.  Well I knew about the parts as I had traversed them quite often in the summer, but the hell hound did not, consequently she was a bit skittish, and as I haven't been leashing her for quite sometime now she was a tad bit unpredictable.  On the way out from the property she stuck pretty close by to me, you know, for all the protection I can offer from those wild, slavering bunnies and squirrels.  But on the way home her little doggy brain kicked into, "Hey this is the way home," so it turned into a battle of the wills as she kept wanting to vamoose.  So, note to self, when going out on the road, remember to bring hell hound restraining device.  Either that or start laying the boots to her. 

I managed to get an hour of clomping along in anyway, and that usually means my brain kicks into either story time, problem solving, or it wanders around until it gets lost.  Today I realized that I, or I should say we, still haven't decided on a name for the estates.  Yeah, yeah I know, you just snorted milk out through your nose.  That just means you shouldn't read this blog while consuming beverages.  But ever since my trips to jolly old England I've kind of been into the idea of giving my house a name.  How does Audenshaw sound?  How about Applethwaite, or Halwick?  Haldun?  Nauldenbury?  Halaultshrope?  Its a conundrum alright.  I'm open to suggestions. 


  1. Further to our discussion in parts elsewhere I refer you to this link which may help out with your identifying.

  2. Further to our conversation elsewhere I suggest you visit this site which should/could help you learn about your local flora. I figure you must have at least one or two the species listed.

    As to your conundrum. Might I suggest "The seven-mile Ghetto"?

  3. Sweet Grond...that's a kick ass name. Has a nice ring to it. If I can kick my brain gears out of ABC's and 123's mode I might try to help with the conundrum as well.

  4. Ghetto, pashaw. This place may be a shack but it is far from being a ghetto. To begin with we unfortunately have no ilicite drugs to speak of, or dealers to buy the stuff from. Although we do have a lot of Ice out front, but neither of us are inclined to go and harvest it from the lake. We also have no gang related violence, unless you take into consideration the small herd of deer which have been known to snort at me. Or those rabbits, they do have a tendency to leave their little bodyos around.

    How about Mapledunwickshropshire?