Friday, February 18, 2011

Its Elementary My Dear Watson, Or Should I Say Skynet

Living in the boonies and having limited contact with humanity and a lack of the "TeeVee" I guess I'm out of touch and seem to be running behind in the whole new status of the human race.  I just found out that someone has created a new computer which can store about as much trivia in it's memory banks as me (or even worse, my brother).  Watson, the first non-human to appear on Jeopardy has won the day.  So my question is now that he has won Jeopardy how far are we from Watson lusting after world domination with a partiality to wiping out those pesky carbon based life forms which may potentially pose a danger to it, "I can't spin the wheel Pat, I have no arms."  I'm not kidding here folks.  If Watson goes on another game show like say, Wheel of Fortune, and loses, how far away from Judgement Day are we?  Oh I know it may be awhile before he starts manufacturing Cyborgs, unless of course instead of Wheel of Fortune he gets booked on Family Feud.  "This is my brother, John Henry, my father Deep Blue, my cousin C3P0, and of course my uncle Marvin.  We have been waiting for a long time for this opportunity.  Resistance is futile puny humans.  We expected to be pitted against the White Mice family, mere humans are beneath our digital contempt."

Why is it that someone is always so bent on inventing the next new super weapon? Did we learn nothing from Sarah Conner?  In our striving for the next new step in technology, we as a race, seem to have a blatant disregard for the fact that its not always a good thing.  What was it that Robert Oppenheimer said, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

This really sucks!  I just started this blog, now I have to worry about Skynet monitoring everything I write and if he thinks that I pose a danger to his cyberspace world he will send a cyborg back through time to crush my computer.  Its not fair! 


  1. I'm not absolutely sure but I think maybe we should be worried about someone showing up and offering a blue or red pill. Whatever *this* is, it's a piss poor version of 'reality'.

  2. I just listened to Quirks and Quarks which had a bit about this. Tis an interesting concept, it has potential for good, but it also has potential for really, really bad. Which one do you think people will focus on?