Monday, February 28, 2011

Look Out Landlubbers There Be Squalls Here

Too funny.  The dog was whining to be let outside for a pee, when I opened the door she took one look at the pouring rain and put all four binders on.  I had to give her a bit of encouragement by placing my foot on her ass and shoving her little butt out the door.  If its any consolation to her (and I know it isn't) I know how she feels.  This afternoon I had to give myself a mental shove on the butt to get myself out the door.  The wind was just howling up a storm (literally) and the snow was coming horizontally, making it a little difficult to see.  Walking with my back to it wasn't bad, but lordy, lordy walking into it was like walking into a vacuum cleaner plug in backwards.  All the little bits of crud that got sucked up blew right back into my eyes.  Since then, the temperature went from -2 to plus 2, the snow went from solid to very, very liquid.  I had to go out and shovel some of the stuff from in front of the door by sitting inside my kayak and scooping with the paddle.  I estimate that one shovel-full weighed about fifty pounds.  If the temperatures drop tonight we are in trouble with a capital T.  The westerner in me thinks it is exactly like a Chinook, but I know that they probably call it something else here, Sou'minister, or Nor'blister, or possibly Sou'nor'Easter, its hard to say, all I know is that it is really, really wet. 

So lately we have been pulling up small chunks of wallpaper, carpeting, ceiling tiles etc, just to see what *lies beneath*, its kind of like picking away at a scab, and let me tell you things are just a bit on the scary side in the *down under side*.  This evening the hubby pulled a chunk of panelling off the hallway wall, and joy of joys, it had been glued to the walls.  Which means that when we pull all of that beautiful panelling off we get to replace all the gyprock underneath it.  Which in itself isn't a big deal unless you take into consideration that we will probably have to replace about 80% of the interior gyprock in the house.  Which sucks because of the cost and labour involved, and double sucks because we will also have to figure out a way of getting rid of the old stuff.  I did a quick check to see if we could just bury it somewhere and create our own chalk pit for future archaeologists to get their panties all tied in a knot about, but it turns out that the stuff turns into some nasty mutant chemicals when mixed with water and if it leaches into the ground it will kill us all.  Well okay maybe not kill as such, but probably make us pretty sick, and when I say us, I really mean the denizens which live on our property because I wouldn't be stupid enough to bury it near the house.  Also it starts to smell like rotten eggs.  Yum that would be nice to wake up to every morning now wouldn't it.  Of course that would be when you would be hoping for a good Se'mester to come along and take the smell away, but we'd probably end up getting stuck in the Doldrums.

I keep saying, "When we pull the floors up we can use them for the gas shack.  When we pull the panelling off the walls we can use it in the gas shack. When we pull the laminate up we can use it in the gas shack."  If we actually did that by the time we reused all this stuff in the *Gas Shack* it would be bigger than our friggin house.  (Oh I bet the hubby would love that!  I can just see him salivating now.) 

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  1. Did you see my comment about what you should name your place? E'Wester...kinda ties in doesn't it?