Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Thought Picking Up Poop Could Be So Fun

Today was beyond lovely, we actually did not have to worry about heating until well after the sun went down.  So we saved a few logs and enjoyed the sounds of melting.  I think it may have reached 12 or 13 degrees today.  I was raring to get outdoors and take the hell hound for a walk, but before I could do that I had some Dora Domestic chores to complete. 

I scrubbed the bathroom, with the door closed, because German Shepherd puppies LOVE to help when it comes to bathroom cleaning.  But she whinged and whined outside the door, I'm sure with the idea of helping me me out with her singing voice.  Everyone knows that working to a beat makes it a lot easier. 

Then I made the bed, with the door closed, because German Shepherd puppies think that they are the only ones in the world who can make a bed properly.  I believe the secret is getting your ball stuck under the bed, then trying to crawl under to retrieve it.  This effectively pulls the bed skirt and sheets nice and tight to the one side.  But silly me, I opted for the one person show. 

When I fired up the vacuum cleaner, well, lets just say that things got pretty darned exciting.  There was some serious barking going on as well as a lot of feigned attacks on the beast of a machine.  There was also lots and lots of running back and forth, not to mention some serious flips which ended up with puppy on her back with all four paws in the air.  I only had to remake the bed once.  Good times.  Yeah good times. 

After my chores were over we decided to put my Kamiks on so we could go for a walk.  I told her that I was pretty capable of putting my boots on myself but she wasn't buying it.  So after a little bit of yelling, on my part, and a lot of jumping, nipping and barking, on her part, I got my boots done up, my jacket on, and my feet out the door. 

The walk was most excellent, the ground was thawing so I did not have to worry about landing on my ass...again.  We went out to the back forty, I threw the obligatory snowballs over the bank for her several times.  Then we walked out to the mailbox to get our junk mail.  Question?  How much is it costing the government for the rural postal delivery guys to carry junk mail and distribute it to all the people out here in the sticks?  I don't mind at this point mind you, I can always use it for BTU's, but I just don't understand the concept.  Does anyone actually even look at that stuff? 

I'm sure that I don't have to tell all you dog lovers out there what happens when the snow begins to melt.  We all think that we have been doing such a great job clearing up the doggy-doo piles during the winter months, when suddenly, like the Phoenix, they start to rise again.  So even though I thought I was done my chores for the day I realized I had to take my trusty pooper shovel and scoop and get rid of all those pesky Phoenixes...Phoenixi? Phoenii?  Hmmm. Anyway, I have to tell you a job that is disgusting at worst, mildly annoying at best, turned out to be a barrel of laughs.  German Shepherd puppies love, love, love nice warm weather.  And I'm pretty sure they think that humans are pretty stupid as they are always doing really dumb things.  She must have put on at least ten kilometers as she charged around the yard while I worked.  She zipped here and there, buried her head in the snow whenever she could, slid onto her belly like Bambi on ice (several times) and I believe mostly laughed at me.  I in turn laughed my ass off watching her while she performed.  It was the best time I ever had doing that job.  No shit!


  1. You can come do mine too!!! Maybe it will be just as fun?!

  2. Don't you have a husband to do that kind of thing for you? By the by, when you say things like -37 do you really think I would find it even remotely fun?