Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Morning Has Broken

I thought I would sit down and whip off a quick blog entry before I got too into the daily chores, or somehow got sucked into playing angry birds, in which case the day will be shot.  Ha!  Fooled you, because that isn't going to happen, as I happen to have that addiction under control now.  I played a bit last night and came away a very unsatisfied customer, meaning that I was frustrated, and I do not react well to frustration.  My brain has this way of being able to shrug and walk away when I get like that.  Turns out that is why I wouldn't make a good gambler either.  But I digress.

So the weather people are predicting thunder storms today and tomorrow, which means that I will be turning off, and unplugging this here contraption, as well as most other electronic contraptions in Kitpu Estates.  See the thunder boomers are pretty severe here and I don't especially want to have my electronics fried because I cannot afford to randomly be replacing them whenever Thor gets pissy.  Which means that I will take advantage of the "clear" time of day and get my writing and blogging out of the way. 

Yesterday it started to drizzle, which means that it got a little damp, which means that the ticks became all lively again, which means that we ended up picking another 17 off the dog in one shot.  I think we are at 211 for her now give or take a couple.  The funny thing was that when we went into the bank and were dealing with yet another round of signing our lives away the hubby found a tick crawling up under his shirt and had to strip down to get the bugger.  Yes we are a classy bunch.  Our bankster just laughed and regaled us with his own tick stories of yore.  That was one great thing about living in the Misty Mountains, no ticks, no black flies, no mosquitoes, in fact the insect population was very tame.  The large carnivorous meat eating fauna on the other hand were a bit more populace, but a body usually ended up being able to avoid them most days. 

Speaking of fauna, I thought I would put a couple pictures of local flora and such, just as a way to keep this entry from being too black and white.  This is a picture of my new rhododendron which my neighbour was kind enough to get for me.  She knew I wanted one last year but was not about to pay $40 for.  Her hubby works at the place she bought it and it was a) on sale, and b) she got a discount on top of it.  When I planted it I did not think that it would flower this year but it is almost all flower now.  I love it. 

This here picture is of the steps going down to the lake, don't ask me why I figured to put it in here, I just did.  When the water goes down we have a bit of a beach along the front and last year we would pick rocks every time we went swimming just so we had more sand than rock to walk around on. Eventually we will be building a dock out on the other side of where the boat is parked right now. We also want to build a small "gas shack" just up on the rocks so that our kayaks will have somewhere to live (underneath) and the gas tank and other easily portable items will have a more secure place to dwell when not being used.  Not that we have ever had any indication of a large thieving population visiting this locale. 

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