Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Walk

This morning began warm, bright, and sunny.  The hubby and hell hound were already gone fishing by the time I got out of bed, the coffee was on, there was a nice little fire going in the fireplace, and the place felt just comfy cozy.  I poured myself a cup of coffee then sat back and cracked my latest book, perhaps two seconds into the book I decided that it was a beautiful morning to go for a walk.  I decided to take my camera so that my mom could come for the walk with me.  Unfortunately the camera isn't the smell-o-vision kind so you will miss out on how sweet and great the bush smells now that spring is really upon us. 

This first picture is of a road which leads to an area where they are clear cutting, this road is usually has the kind of mud on it which sticks to the feet like snot which you can move around but cannot dislodge no matter what you do, but today it was dry enough to walk on.  It held the prints of deer, fox, raccoons, coyotes, and porcupines. 

Just coming back to my own road. 

Approaching Kitpu Estates. 

This tree was just coming into bloom.  I have no idea what kind it is but I thought it was a nice indication of spring. 

Here is my birch grove project.  I've been getting rid of all the alders and leaving the red birch.  The apple tree is starting to break into bloom as well. 

Which way should I go?

This guy seemed to be pretty annoyed that I was messing with his wah. 

This is the beginning of the "new" road which we have been working when we have a little bit of time. 

This tree is kind of cool.  I liked the way it looks in the pine tree grove. 

You can see how low the water is now, still quite a way to go to get to the level it normally is during the year. 

And finally, because this blog doesn't want to take too many more pictures, here is a picture of some of the tulips that my neighbour gave me this morning.  You can't tell from this picture but the colours outside were amazing.  Most especially the pinks, and the most miraculous thing of all was that the deer didn't eat them all. 

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  1. thanks for sharing your pix, having lived amongst pines i can smell their scent, glad u had a lovely day