Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pitter Patter

What is that sound?  The sound of pitter-patter?  No it isn't small feet running amok (well maybe it is seeing as the cat is all rammy this morning) this time it is the sound of rain pittering and pattering on the roof.  It is slightly less cold today then yesterday, but it is still cold enough to have a fire going.  I kept the fireplace stoked yesterday because it was kinda-sorta chilly in here all day.  The good news is that I did manage to go out for a run yesterday.  Wow!  It has been forever since I actually did that, and to tell the truth even though I was, a) running slow enough for a fast glacier to catch up and pass me, and, b) feeling like someone had dumped two bags of cement into my legs, it felt not too bad.  This morning I have a sore hip (probably not from the run), a stiff knee (for sure from the run), and sore heels (that just goes without saying).  Actually when I take stock of myself I didn't come out of the experience as bad as I thought I would.  Of course I only actually ran 2 1/2 k so it isn't exactly something to write home about. 

I got up last night for one of my nightly sojourns to the bathroom when I saw a flicker of light outside.  In my somewhat sleep addled brain I wondered who in the hell was outside at this time of night.  By the time I finished in the bathroom the flickering finally registered, lightning.  That made me wander around the house unplugging most of the electronic equipment which usually comes out on the shit end of the stick during these storms, and by the time I crawled back into bed it was booming and crashing.  I do have surge protectors on sensitive stuff but I don't have 100% confidence in the things.  Sometimes having to get up to pee can be worth it.  I went back to sleep with a slightly comforted feeling. 

Well if the weather is still conducive to running after I am done painting I think I may actually go for another jaunt out to the bridge again.  If I keep this up I might actually look for a five k race I can enter this summer.  How sick is that?  One run and I am already thinking about entering a race.  My brain must be hardwired into those kinds of thoughts after all the years of running I've done.  Hmm, but I am running low on clothing so a new racing shirt would come in handy too...

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  1. I'll forgive your consistent fortune in terms of moisture, but only if we get some of the stuff out of the *three days* that we are supposed to be looking at this weekend (plus Friday).