Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainy But Still Okay

Today found me in the mood to finish the basement a project which I had started last week.  When I was about half way through I lost any ambition I had and then wandered away looking for cake.  Or at least that is what I would have done had I had any cake to wander after.  So the partially completed project had sat there all week calling my name.  So the old adage out of sight, out of mind is total bunk to Ms. OCD Girl.

Canadian Tire and Zellers had a sale on those plastic storage containers last month so I had a few of them sitting there just waiting to be filled.  So this morning while the hubby was busy hanging another door I went downstairs and cleaned up the old mess, and the new mess I had made while trying to clean the old stuff. 

I actually came out a little richer than I had gone in.  While I was transferring my art supplies, writing materials, and other miscellaneous things from broken, crappy boxes, to new spiffy plastic containers I found a $50 dollar Home Depot gift card still in a birthday card.  It was a present to the hubby from his darlin daughter for his fiftieth birthday.  Let me see, that was five years ago!  I wonder if he gets interest on it?  Ha! 

During the Old Shoes and Tea Society meeting today the hubby pulled two ticks off the dog's ear.  If anyone is keeping track, and I am, that makes 100 exactly.  I can hardly wait until tick season is over.  I hate ticks.  I also hate black flies and we are just coming into that season now.  Did I mention that I hate black flies? 

I took the dog for a walk this afternoon and we immediately ran into a porcupine, luckily she came back as soon as I called her off (the dog not the porky), so we didn't have another joy-joy time of pulling quills from the snout of ole Bessy.  If anyone had been watching me during the walk today they probably would have thought that I had completely lost my mind.  Losing my mind happens to be a regular occurrence for me, but I digress.  Today I was using the, if the dog runs in front of you, you immediately turn in the other direction and keep walking until she runs by you again then you turn around and walk the other way, method of training.  So I may have only actually covered 6km in distance, but I probably walked around 10km.  So this is how my walk went.  Two steps, turn, two steps, turn, three steps, turn, four steps turn, four steps, turn...etc.  The good thing is that she actually started to figure it out, by the end she was following me for at least 1/4 km before I had to turn.  We both came back soaked because of the liquid sky falling on our heads. 

The new doors look pretty spiffy.  They will look even spiffier when I apply some paint to them.  These finishing touches are soooooo exciting.  Only four million more to go. 

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