Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things I Did Today

1) cooked breakfast.
2) cleaned out the fridge.
3) swept the floors. 
4) did a load of laundry. 
5) got some sand for my beach. 
6) took the dog for a walk and called her away from a porcupine. 
7) checked the Internet to see how to hang a pocket door. 
8) swept the floors.
9) yelled at the cat.
10) checked Facebook.
11) made a pot of decaf.
12) swept the floors. 
13) watered the plants.
14) wrote in my blog.
15) emptied dishwasher and refilled it.
16) cooked lupper...slunch.

Things the hubby did today.

1) went fishing.
2) put the second coat of mud on the walk in closet walls.
3) hung the bedroom door.
4) put drywall up around bedroom door.

He wins.

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