Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blow Me Down!

It has, and continues to be, a crazy week for weather.  First cold, then warm, then snowing, then raining, then cold, then colder, now warm, and blowing like hell.  Them's hurricane force winds out there.  It has been hovering around the plus ten mark all day, the wind went from meh, to holy smokes Batman.  It has managed to blow 95% of the snow right off the front yard.  There is around four inches of water on top of the ice on the lake and small white caps has been topping it off all day.  I can only hope that come Thursday and Friday the weather will be nice to me and allow me to go to class and my writer's group.  I got one in last week, but not the other. 

My fear is that I am going to go up to the wood lot and find all the rows of stacked wood blown over again.  That would not be fun.  Cuz really, how many times does a person have to stack the same pile of wood?  But I am done writing the down draft of my next article, finished lunch, done making pumpkin tarts so I do not have any more excuses to put it off.  I think I will put on some rubber boots before going outside though, because I think it may be just a tad bit on the damp side.  Wish me luck. 

1 comment:

  1. Hang on to yer hat. If you get the weather we just got you'll be lucky not to get blown down the Le Havre...crazy windy..weird broken windows and stuff littered about.