Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bully For You

I just finished editing my next submission to Life As A Human, the topic is about bullying in the workplace.  As I wrote away at it, the topic brought back memories of working in an office environment and made me realize how amazing and fantastic my last few years working for my company was.  You see I took over the management of the purchasing department in a rather large mine site which meant that I had several buyer types and clerks working for me.  I do not know if it was through luck, or because I finally had enough experience working with people, or the fact that everyone working for me were amazing, awesome, and wonderful, but the working environment was the best I ever had.  The people in our department all got along so well it was almost scary.  Some days I was expecting the hammer to fall and crush several of us under its weight.  But while I was there things were pretty darned great.  The biggest fly in my ointment of work was the distance I had to travel to get there, and the ungodly hours I had to be up by to do that.  I still miss all the girls...and boys who I worked with.  It makes me sad to think there are so many people out there right now who have to work and cannot experience a workplace devoid of bullshit.  Sigh.

Well now for the weather report here at Kitpu Estates.  You know that warm windy weather which blew away all the snow I had in my front yard, well that is gone.  Now I have cold, windy, and snowy weather which seems to be bent on bringing back all the snow.  It sucks major league spit ball...frozen spit balls.  But it is winter, and it is only -9, and the rest of the country seems to be in a deep freeze of the sub twenties and thirties, so I shouldn't complain right?  Well I'm gonna! 

Yesterday I had a rather nice visit from the poop brigade and although it would have been nice to take them outside to enjoy the great outdoors, it turned out to be a tich too cold for that.  So we hung out, ate lunch, chatted, napped, and just kicked back.  Having family around is amazing.  I realize I have many things to be grateful for.  So I just want to put it out there...."Thank you universe!  The members of the Old Shoes and Tea Society, Chocolate and Naps Club, and the Poop Brigade are all thankful, grateful, and send you a hey."  


  1. As an "Official Representative ™" of the Universe let me just say that you are welcome. Also...don't take it the wrong way but we (the Universe that is) will likely kick you in the ass later. So...heads up OK?

    1. The Universe sounds like a real party pooper kind of pooper. Kick me in the ass eh! Well look out because pirates are known to kick back, plus they don't get the whole universe concept anyway, they leave that up to the FSM.

      But all the same I am grateful for today, even if it is minus too feckin cold.