Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today has not been a great day for old Iron Bess.  Probably because I didn't get too much sleep last night, it was one of those nights where I felt tired but could not convince my body/brain to actually take the plunge and get some sleep.  I thought about getting up and playing some games on my iPad but my eyes just couldn't focus on it.  I also thought of just lying there and listening to a book on tape until I was too tired to pay attention, but in my state of crappiness I couldn't remember how to increase the volume on my Kindle so couldn't hear the words over the snoring coming from the hubby's side of the bed.  So consequently I think I actually fell asleep somewhere after four am which was around the time the dog bugged me to put her outside.  So shitty sleep. 

Then in the late morning just as I seemed to get myself together the weather outside went from sunny to blowing and overcast...grrrrrrrr.  I figured that a nice walk outside in the sun would give me enough vitamin D to get me out of the feeling of crap.  I did manage to drag myself out and wander down the road figuring that a five k walk would perk me right up, but I only got about 1.5 k and started to hear a few coyotes howling ahead of me.  I was in such a mental state of abstraction that it didn't occur to me until I started hearing them quite loud in front of me that I probably shouldn't keep walking towards the pack, most especially with the hellhound leading the way.  Coyotes love themselves a good meal of dog.  So we turned and headed back.  Well I turned the dog was not so thrilled with our about face but when I threatened her with a serious beating she wagged her tail at me and kept walking towards her new would be friends.  Did I mention that a parsnip would give her a run for her money in the brains department?

Eventually we did make it back to the house, in one piece, where I managed to do a whole lot of nothing, I might have split a handful of kindling and then called it a day.  I wasn't even up to reading so I pretty much wasted my entire day doing sweet tweet.  Being all by my onsies it would have been a great day to start on my next article, but I didn't even have that in me.  Oh well, days like this make the good days so much better.  I think I will go and make some chocolate pudding now and perhaps watch a why didn't I think of that earlier?  Chocolate always makes things look less bleak! 


  1. Here's to as few of those kinds of days as possible.

  2. It's going around, this brain dead crud. It's not Zombie virus, I'm sure that naps and chocolate pudding are the cure we all need. Good call, dragging hellhound out of the potential ruckus.

    1. Naps and Chocolate Pudding...hmmm methinks there is a possible name for a new club. :)