Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hell Has Frozen Over And So Has The East

It is a billion degrees below zero right now and the hubby is out in the bushes cutting firewood.  (Okay so maybe not quite a billion more like -14, but freaking cold.)  The cold out here isn't anything like the cold I was used to in the western part of the world, it is more bitey than the dry cold.  Well much more bitey if the wind is blowing.  If the wind is non-existent then it is actually quite pleasant. 

I went to town this morning to pick up some groceries and holy-moly was it ever cold.  The worst of it was that the usual grocery store I typically go to had many shelves that were devoid of product, the veggie aisle didn't even have carrots or bananas left, so I had to go to a different store altogether.  Lots of product in the other store but it also costs a lot more money.  (This is me shaking my fist at the bastards...==<3, and no that isn't a heart.)  Tomorrow I have a writing class in the big city of Lunenburg, I hear tell that the weather is supposed to continue to be cold and nasty, as long as it is sunny and cold I'm okay with it. 

Yesterday me, the hubby, and the hell hound went for a walk.  It was cold, and icy.  One step forward, 1/4 slide back.  I hate ice under the snow, I feel like I have to take these mincing little steps and I look, feel, and act like a dork.  It always brings to mind this woman who used to come swimming years ago when I was a lifeguard; she was somewhere in the three hundred pound range, but had the tiniest little feet.  Whenever she came out onto the deck she would do this little prancey kind of dance and try to walk on her toes, she looked like she was afraid to get her feet wet or something.  I'm not sure if it was an affectation, or she actually always walked like that, but I've never forgotten it, and have always tried to avoid doing it.  Tall, hulking girls like me look stupid trying to be prissy.  Trust me on this.  It is the same reason I do not wear frills, lace, or pants that have the word "Juicy" printed across the ass.  Well not the only reason, the other reason is because I hate frills, lace, pants, and false advertising.  

Now I have to go downstairs and dig out my arctic parka so I can go outside and take Hellhoundicus for a walk.  Hopefully I will not return with a frozen pupsicle. 


  1. We feel your pain and maybe sympathise. Wet hot air masses and wet cold air masses are always worse than the dry versions thereof. Hence why anything close to zero C. feels worse to me than -20. Our temps are hovering in the mid -teens with dips in the evening to mid -20s. Any wind chill on top of that is a bonus....Lets just say the horses haven't appreciated being shut in all night.

  2. Lunenburg, one of my favorite places! Not that it's a big city but you have writer friends there. That's good enough for me. I was there on a bike trek, 30 years ago. Local salts on local boats, doubt that is the case anymore. Work them for stories if you can get the old guys, just sayin'.

    1. I never saw it 30 years ago but I suspect it hasn't changed all that much. Although it is pretty touristy right now. But there are still tall ships in dock all summer and some actual sailor types walking about on occasion.