Monday, January 14, 2013

Dora Domestica

I made a great big ginormous pot of chicken soup today, and it was good.  Actually it was more like stewp than soup.  But it was still good.  I also made a batch of cheese biscuits, also good, but they came out a little wonky.  Mostly because, a) I did not follow a recipe.  b) I used half flour and half some other kind of non-gluten flour.  and c) I accidentally dumped in a bit more cheese than I should of.  Kinda like three times more than I should have.  They ended up having to stay in the oven a LOT longer than regular biscuits, but were tasty all the same.  Least wise it didn't reduce the amount, or speed the meal was consumed in. 

The day started out quite foggy this morning, which turned into drizzle, which turned into a whole bunch of snow going bye-bye.  And although it means that everything is mucky and soggy and sloppy out there, I am okay with it.  Most especially because it was also plus 10 all day.  Unfortunately I didn't make it outside today because I was, a) too lazy, and 2) pretending to be Dora Domestica meets Wrennie Writer.  Plus the muscle that cramped up on my neck last week and bugged me all week has transferred itself over to the other side of my neck and shoulders.  Grrrrr.  Very frustrating. 

Pirate Speak:  did you know when a pirate says, "Quit usin me wooden leg as a scratching post ye tall-tailed begger."  She is talking about a cat. in this household. 

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