Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Old Shoes and Tea, or the Naps and Pudding Club

Here at the Old Shoes and Tea Society we can get pretty excited about new shoes and coffee, but that would never interfere with the name of the prestigious old girls and boys club we have going on.  You see one of the athletic stores in town is going out of business so yours truly took her hidden stash of hard earned cash which had been set aside specifically for a new pair of shoes and went in to see if I could purchase a new pair.  As is almost always the case, my size was already sold out.  My size, 10 or 11, seems to be one of the most sought after sizes in the female world and even when a store isn't going out of business they are generally out of my size.  Now a long time ago, when I was working for the man and hauling in one of those things...you know those paper things...what do you call it again?  Oh yeah, a pay cheque.  I had found a running store that specialized in shoes for people who had been running forever and consequently have more things frigged up with their legs then the average bear, I used to be able to phone them up and say you have my size, and preference of shoe please send me one in the mail post haste.  The shoes would show up in my mailbox, the bill would show up on my Visa, I would take a portion of my earnings and pay them off.  It worked great.  I always had two pair on the go so I could alternate days of wearing them so they would last longer, and I wouldn't end up a cripple. 

The good thing was that I managed to find two pairs of shoes to buy from the men's side of the store.  And lucky for me the style of shoes that my heels happen to like are in the narrower male shoe department, so I bought two at a 40% discount.  How awesome is that?  One problem is that they are both summer shoes, and not trail runners, which means that they will suck at this time of the year.  I guess I will have to try and figure out how to plug my treadmill in.  Sigh.  I am NOT a fan of running on the treadmill.  But run I must, and so I will. 

I just got back from the kidlet's house where we spent two days watching the Lord of the Rings.  It was a marathon session and one which was oddly enjoyable as the kidlet and I spent the entire time chatting about the movies, the books, the differences, the sames, the goods, the bads, and the well dones and not so well dones.  The kidlet's hubby, Sven, or Sphen, as he spells it, was kind enough not to scream and tear at his hair while we chattered away. He was probably pretty frustrated so I tried to make it up to him by baking some oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies.  I think it worked.  My hubby chose to stay at the ranch so consequently we did not add another ten years to his life.  He is not a fan of people talking through movies.  I'm pretty sure that if he had been present he would have given those Orcs a run for their money in growls of irritation.  Speaking of which that reminds me that during one section where the Nazgul was screaming and causing havoc to the people of Middle Earth the kidlet muted the movie because she thought it was her youngest making that noise.  I kid you not!!!!!!  I bet you thought I was exaggerating about the screaming banshee in previous posts. 

Well I best be going because my neck and shoulder are starting to ache.  When I got up this morning I turned my head and suddenly got one of those shoulder cramps which makes the muscles in your neck knot up.  I hate, hate, hate those things because it takes weeks to clear up and in the meantime I walk around with a stiff neck, sore shoulder, and poor disposition.  I have an interview for a spot with a writers group tomorrow so I may have to take some Tylenol just so I can function like a normal human.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  (That's me giving those Orcs a run for their money.) 

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