Thursday, March 22, 2012


I took the hell houndicus to the vet today to update her yearly shots and came to the realization that the vet's is like the doggy version of Facebook.  But instead of Facebook I think it should be called Assbook. 

a) They get Poked
b) They Click across the vinyl flooring
c) They Like or Unlike other dogs/cats/people there
d) They make new Ass Friends, and get reacquainted with old Ass Friends
e) They leave messages for each other on the Wall
f) They play random games
g) They think that they have control over their lives there but they really don't
h) Lots of unpleasant things can happen to them when they least expect it

Exactly like Facebook. 

Today was another sweet day....sweeeeeeetttttttt.  I am enjoying every second of it because as everyone knows the weather gods are a fickle bunch and can change that in a moments notice.  Here the temperatures are hitting record breaking highs, while out west, it is snowing, snowing, and snowing.  Oh and cold.  All of which is a lot more suckier than this.  The people on the radio are blathering on about possible thunder showers tonight and clearing up to be sunny again tomorrow.  Sunny but no where near as warm, something around the 13 degree mark.  Still, I will not turn my nose up at it, sunny I can handle, 13 degrees I can handle, but snow? Yikes!  The vicious bastards are spreading the rumour that we may be in for some snow on Tuesday.  So I plan to enjoy this respite while I can. 

The hubby was working his saggy old man's butt off all day today and has got a pile more wood hauled to the Tree Graveyard and split.  After I came back from town I finished helping him stack it so we now have three new rows.  There is probably another row and a half, maybe more, of wood which still needs to be split, and then maybe another row of wood stacked out in the back forty.  So it looks like we have got a pretty good start on next winter's firewood.  We are both fairly pleased about that, even Mr. I Forgot To Put Sunblock On For A Second Day And My Arms & Neck Are Contenders For Top Spot On Team Red. 

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