Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

When I say it was a beautiful day today I am not exaggerating.  It got up to 22 degrees.  The morning was a bit dreary and cloudy so I didn't have any high expectations.  Wow!  It was like summer but without the bugs.  I took the hell hound out for a walk and figured I could stay out all day.  I almost did.  We had a bit of a plumbing emergency.  See we decided we had to shock our well and when the hubby lifted the lid the fitting cracked and splush, water, water everywhere.  Yikes, and triple yikes.  We both had visions of having to dig up the yard and replace the line.  As it turned out, with a little bit of imagination, teamwork, and luck we managed to get it fixed and running.  Yowza. 

At least it was warm and sunny which made the unexpected job much easier.  Of course now that we know about the issue we figure that sometime in the future, when we have time, we are going to redo the whole thing the proper way.  After all the place was built many years ago and the plumbing people told us that they no longer make those kinds of parts.  Of course that means digging up the yard and replacing the line, but at least we will be doing it on our terms.  I hope. 

This evening when I was making supper the hubby called me outside to listen to the call of the wild.  It sounded like a pack of coyotes were sitting just around the corner from us.  That make two times I heard the critters since I moved here.  Hopefully they move on by tomorrow, I don't want the dog to get tangled up with them, she would definitely come out second best. 

Well my internet has been on and off ever since the big wind storm so I am going to publish before I lose connection. 

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