Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunburns and Wood Piles

Just a quick note because my arms are really sore and I don't want to type too much.  Today was purdy sweet!  And when I say, PURDY, I mean it.  Plus 32, sunny, and sweet.  Still no bugs.  I am knocking on wood all over the place here.  They can stay away for a lot longer and I would be okay with that. 

We spent most of the day cutting wood, splitting wood, and stacking wood.  The following are a few pictures of our progress.  This is after doing a little bit of splitting, the wood pile didn't go down because the hubby kept adding to it.  WTF?

This is the wood pile after we stacked the split stuff.  That would be yours truly being all sun burnt but happy about the results.  

This is our piles from the skinny angle.  We left a little more room between piles this year so that the air and sun will have a better chance at going through it.  Not that it matters all that much because the stuff we stacked last year was pretty dry by the time we packed it into the basement. 

I'd take a picture of all the bruises on my arms but no one really needs to see that.  That's all folks. 

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  1. We've been sitting under that same blazing sun and outrageous heat as well. Biking is happening and I suppose it would be a good idea if I too went a wood hunting but there are so many other things near the homestead that need doing as well that the wood wrastling just seems less appealing. Maybe when things cool down a little bit I can jump back on that bandwagon.