Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ye Oldde Pile O Wood

Hubby and I have taken advantage of the last week of nice weather to go great guns at acquiring next winter's firewood needs.  Last year we managed to accumulate enough wood to last us the winter in between replacing windows, putting up siding, ripping out walls, replacing walls, etc, etc.  So the process seemed to take forever.  Or more like FOREVER.  However this year we are at a standstill in the reno department while we are waiting for our kitchen cabinets to be completed, so the wood cutting, splitting, and stacking could be done all at once.  It certainly came across different this go round.  It just seemed like we got started and before you know it...presto.  So far we managed to get almost five rows of wood done, which is the amount we had managed last spring/summer, and did get us through this winter.  But seeing as this winter wasn't really winter we figured we would get another two rows completed just to be on the safe side. 

The cool thing about the whole process is that ninety five percent of the wood came from the trees we had to take out anyway in order to get the second part of the road into the back forty.  My thirteen piles of stacked wood has been relocated to the Tree Graveyard...yippee.  We counted at least five more good sized trees that still need to come down from the cross road, which I believe will be enough to complete our seven row goal. 

That means that next winter we will be toasty and able to sit and drink coffee while having a meeting of the Old Shoes and Tea Society.  It also means that all my bruises and sore muscles will have healed up by then. 

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