Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Old Shoes, Chlorine, Chainsaws, & Big Words

The hubby and I managed to get a bit of a start on some of the trees that he had cut down in the swamp this winter.  I don't know if it going to be a once in a life time chance but at least we managed to take advantage of the frozen ice, no snow, and a clear path to be able to drag the trees up to the lay down area.  A week or so ago we had started to pile some of the smaller stuff in order to get it up off the ground and start the drying process but it got blowed over, all of it.  So as hubby was bucking the trees I was repiling the stuff lying in the mud and adding more of the small stuff which hubby just cut. 

Me - You know when your house is renovation central and you can't organize it for a long time piling wood is kind of cathartic for someone with a touch of OCD. 

Hubby - Why do you always have to use big words?  Is that like therapeutic? 

Me - Yes.  (Pause.) So why is cathartic a big word but therapeutic is not? 

Hubby - Because I know what therapeutic means. 

I took a shower this morning and the water smelled, and tasted, like a pool in need of some serious shocking.  So I think I may take a drive into town and pick up some drinking water.  The funny thing about it is that I am having serious flashbacks as I sit here smelling like chlorine.  Good ones.  You see I used to be on swim club and then I was a lifeguard instructor for around twenty years.  Personally I love the smell of chlorine, I'm just not a big fan of drinking the stuff.  I used to laugh when I was playing ball, or running and sweating, people around me always said, "Does anyone else smell a pool?"  Its a good thing that my running partner, and best friend, was also a pool rat, neither of us could smell the other. 

For everyone who missed it we had a general meeting of the Old Shoes and Tea Club this morning.  These are the minutes if anyone is interested.  "This coffee tastes like shit."  "Did you get the water from the sink?"  "Yes."  "You're right, it tastes like shit."  "I'm not drinking it."  "Me either."  "Hey, you just dumped a brand new pot of coffee down the drain."  "No, really?  Were you going to drink it?"  "Well...no."  This is almost enough to get, You Know Who, kicked out of the club.  (No not Voldemort but close.)

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  1. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named must be used to it by now?!