Saturday, March 17, 2012

Aye Paddy Pass Me A Green Beer

Ha!  No green beer for this puppy, in fact, no beer of any kind for me thanks.  I am not fond of that particular brew.  But for all those people celebrating St Paddy's day, tip one for the shamrock. 

Today started out wet, cloudy, and miserable, it turned into dry, blue, sunny, and warm.  It was a GORGEOUS day.  I figure if we could get another couple of weeks of this it would be like paradise around here.  We went for a bit of a stroll this afternoon and all of us were loath to go back into the house.  There wasn't any new clover around but there were a few fresh piles of dog doo-doo which had to be eradicated.  Now that is a nice day when you would rather pick up doody then go back into the house. 

Here are a couple of pictures in lieu of anything interesting to say.  This first picture is of the brand new fridge art which was kindly donated to the gallery by the Poop Brigade.  It arrived via mail just yesterday and already the art director has added it to the collection.  I think I have to invest in some magnets. 

This is "Voldemort" sitting down by the lake and enjoying the sunshine while dreaming of the dock he wants to build.  See that big rock over there?  He has his eye on that for an anchor, or jumping off point, or some such thing for the dock.  He spends many an hour watching the rock, standing by it, pushing it, running his hands down it's side, dreaming about it, and generally fantasizing about it. 

The hell houndicus was in seventh heaven today.  A lot of running, rolling, fetching, and swimming was going on in abundance.  Pure doggy heaven. 

Then suddenly, like a gift from the Flying Spaghetti Monster, more excitment in the form of ducks showed up.  She waited several times for the perfect time to make her move and attack while some of us were drooling over a rock, and the rest of us were sitting and thinking about nothing in particular. 

Take note that the, mana from heaven, were staying just far enough away from the dangerous hound but close enough to try and score some gluten in the form of bread from the humans camped out on the shore.  No such luck for the Mallards, we may be silly enough to feed sparrows and Blue Jays but we want nothing to do with these critters getting comfy enough to crap all over the place. 

Here the hell houndicus is trying to intimidate me into doing something with her by staring me down after I had dragged a camp chair out onto the scary deck, cracked open a bottle of water, put on a hat and some sunglasses, then sat back and did what I like to do almost more than anything else I can think of.  But it wasn't all pleasure, I also had to close my eyes and put my head back against the wall and just enjoy the moment.  Granted it was a loooonnnnnnggggggggg moment, but it was a moment nonetheless. 


  1. Nice! Enjoy this. The building days are looming.

  2. Zilla's Other HalfMarch 18, 2012 at 10:36 AM

    So does Karson get to go out?

    1. Nope poor Karson has been relegated to "indoor cat" status due to her underdeveloped size, and the over developed size of the bald eagles we have constantly gliding back and forth on the search for lunch. She longs for the out of doors and I have been working on a method to try and keep her safe, so far she hasn't taken to anything.