Friday, March 9, 2012

Wind All Gone

Well the wind blew, and blew, and thankfully the house is still standing.  This morning it was still howling up a storm and I just happened to mention to the hubby that it was strange that the wind was still roaring because the weather guys said that it was supposed to stop by the morning.  And I shit you not, it stopped that second, and it has been dead calm ever since.  Weird and kinda spooky. 

It did do some serious raining this morning so I can imagine how muddy everything is out there.  I did not venture out mainly because I was bagged and had to do some serious sleeping after breakfast.  I tried to read a little by the eyeballs just weren't cooperating so I decided not to fight it and go and have a nap.  It turned into a rather extended one but I'm still a little knackered.  So I thought I would throw a few pictures up as entertainment. 

This is how the tiles ended up going into the entryway.  Initially we were going to do a diamond pattern, but we ended up not having enough to try and do that, and I didn't want to wait the two extra weeks for another package to show up.  It turned out pretty nice.  Most of it will be covered with mats anyhow. 

I started giving the local avian population some peanuts, then some seed mainly so the cat could have some Kitty TV to keep her occupied.  She is kind of small so we figured she would not last around here, not with all the bald eagles we have constantly hunting, so she has become an indoor cat.  Consequently she hankers for the out of doors.  This way the excitement of the birds gets her in touch with some of her hunting needs.  Anyway hubby decided that my method of sprinkling seeds onto the railings was rather primitive so he made this feeder out of scrap wood.  So far the blue jays and the sparrows love it. 

This, along with the 13 piles in the back forty, is the start of our firewood for next winter.  Unfortunately the lay down area is a tad bit muddy right now so we are going to wait to start splitting until the ground dries up a bit. 

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