Thursday, March 29, 2012


Okay so the hubby and I just finished watching The Two Towers, me for the twentieth time and hubby for the tenth time, or so.  Is it bad when you know so many of the lines that you can start quoting them before the actors say them?  For those of you who cannot understand why I would a) watch any of the LOTR, or b) watch them 20 or more times, you probably can't relate to anything I ever write so just carry on.  To me the movies, and the books are like when I can't get my brain motivated to think, or my body to do anything, and I just want to sit back and enjoy, or in my case, re-enjoy some great entertainment this is the entertainment.  For some reason I'm in a real slump this last week or so.  Maybe because the weather is crappy and cold.  Whatever it is I'm kinda farged.

This morning seemed to have started out quite well I did couple of loads of laundry, put the first coat of paint onto some moldings, swept and washed the floors, and the dishes, applied for a couple of jobs, and cleaned the bathroom but then it went to hell in a hand basket.  The rest of the day was a total wash, I spent it watching the extended version of the Two Towers and eating.  In that order. 

Even hubby can't seem to get too motivated this last couple of days, yesterday he only managed to pull the furnace and stove pipe apart so he could do the chimney sweep thing for the spring.  Then while I was hanging with my mom, he watched a couple of movies.  Now that is very strange.  It's certainly not strange that I am being unproductive and lazy, but hubby?  That's like saying that suddenly the universe only has a half dozen stars in the sky, or that birds started flying backwards, or the dog isn't a tick magnet.  No person that I know of is more bent on making sure that he is busy then my man.  So what up with that? 

I've been You Tubing a LOT of lectures by astrophysicists these last few days as well.  For some reason I can't seem to get enough.  I could listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson do talks all day. One night I finally went to bed around 5:30 am.  Now had he been my prof in the early years I may actually have had to get a degree in physics, or even astronomy like I had planned to my entire childhood, but sadly, no such luck.  I had some pretty shit ass teachers along the way.  Listening to Tyson though almost makes me have a hankering to go back to school and take a few courses.  Almost.  If I didn't have such an aversion to math that is.  I had been updating my schooling a couple years back and ended up having to do Calculus for this one course through the UofC.  It sucked.  Of course if I have to be honest it wasn't so much the math which sucked as it was the actual course itself. 

And lately I just can't seem to get enough of quantum mechanics, and astrophysics, in fact it seems to be screwing with my sleep cycle, my thought processes and my motivation.  I can't seem to write, or even blog.  All I really, really want to do is listen to Intelligence Squared debates, stuff about why Pluto is no longer a planet, how tree shrews evolved into people, or anything by Stephen Fry, or Penn Jillette.  I think I need a life. 


  1. I was going to say that it might have been a genetic thing (as it seems{ed} to be hampering me too) but your indication that 'Mr. East Coast' is also slowed down takes that away. And then the fact that my Missus is also in the doldrums means that it sounds like a seasonal thing. Or that it just applies to those of us living the old 'modified lifestyle'.

    And then after all that I went and shook it off (to some extent) today and went out chainsawing and yard working for more than just an hour (several of them in fact). Hopefully this means I'm getting free of it (whatever it may be).

    On another note I was sad today. I checked in at a local auction hoping to pick up a canoe they had on the block. Alas I was outbid...and most irksomely only by a fairly small amount. Such is life I suppose.

  2. Yup, sounds like a season, either that or on some quantum level we are all of us connected and have decided to affect each other. Well time to pull up the socks and get back at er.