Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Turkey Day Y'All

We finally had our turkey day today and I am still stuffed.  Almost as stuffed as the turkey was but not quite in the same areas...yet.  I bought one of them turkey's which look like they came out second best in the fight, this one was missing a wing, which means quite a discount on the price.  It was amazingly tender and fallie apart after the cooking of it, so in my books it was quite worth the fact that it was missing an appendage.  But it was cook all day, eat in five minutes, feel full and kind of sick to the stomach for hours after, so pretty much par for the course. 

We were going to spend the night at the kidlet's place but Sunny McJingles and I decided to come back to Kitpu Estates so we can batten down the hatches and wait for the big storm that has been forecast to blow in tonight.  You see a few years back I had come out east to visit my mom after her surgery and on the day I was leaving they predicted a big storm which I got caught in.  The day before the storm it was warm, sunny, and blue skies and as I was driving into the city so I would have a head start over the weather I was questioning my sanity.  Good thing I did because it was beyond crazy!  It went from green grass to two feet of snow, and six feet of snow banks in less than two hours.  Which brings me to now...we won't be taking chances of getting caught away from home.  Someone needs to a) plow/blow/shovel the walk/driveways, b) make sure the fire is stoked, and c) make sure the cat gets fed.  (I think the cat may switch those priorities if she knew.) 

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