Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Oh boy, today is a wet, wet day.  Actually I should clarify that, this afternoon is a wet, wet day.  This morning it was just kind of dampish.  I took the hell hound for a walk in the back forty this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It sprinkled a bit off and on but I stayed mostly under the trees and didn't end up a drowned rat.  It's a good thing I did go this morning because it is coming down in buckets now.  So I walked, and walked, and wrote, and wrote.  Well wrote in my head...hmmmm...maybe I should have brought my iPad with me and tried that speech to text app I used for my post yesterday. 

That speech to text app was a pretty funny post though.  I don't know if it was me being a dork as I was talking, or if the app was a bit confused.  I guess I can't complain seeing as it was free.  I'd like to try a real program of speech to text to see if it will work better.  I've done a little bit of research on it and it looks promising.  My biggest concern though is my ability to write by speaking, I'm so used to letting my fingers do the talking for me.  I also found with my few practice runs with the speech to text thing I was feeling slightly self conscious about it. Okay a LOT self conscious about it.  I feel like I am talking to myself, and I am.  Perhaps it would work better if I propped hubby up beside me and talked.  I'm sure he would love that! 


  1. The hubby might not like it but I sure would...the only problem is I also come with Screechy 1 and 2. I wonder what that would come up as in your speech to text?? It would probably have to improvise and say something along the lines of "the sound akin to small woodland creatures being murdered in the background."

    1. Okay I tried it and this is what it came up with.

      G1 an screechy to.