Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stack and Pile

A two day visit from the daughter and her Poop Brigade ended this morning.  Both the hubby and I were mentally exhausted by the time the munchkins left, yet again a reason to have children when you are very young because the older one gets the more it takes out of a person.  Crazy is the lady who waits until her forties to pop out a poop machine, or two.  Crazy and exhausted. The hubby kept saying that he did not know how the kidlet managed the wee ones on her own while her hubby is off working in the hinterlands of the USofA.   

In order to work off the mental exhaustion of watching two small humans whose only goal in life seems to be “how can I injure myself as quickly as possible, and what can I do to make sure I annoy everyone as much as possible before I do that”, we went out to the wood pile to split us some lumber.  The wood pile has grown a bit over the past week because we have been working on widening our new road on the swamp side of the back forty. Because of that activity we have poplar, oak, maple, pine, and some other unidentified trees in the mix.  Some are big assed logs, while others are more like poles, either way it has made our wood pile grow exponentially.  And happily we now have a pretty split, and stacked row awaiting the winds and sun to do their job and dry them out over the coming months.   

Last year while working on a different section of the road we also managed to cut a plethora of trees, but instead of bringing them out to the woodlot we had stacked and piled them beside the road and let them rest there until the spring, the process worked, but this year we are already ahead of the game by having them where they need to be in order to take the most advantage of wind and sun.  (Whew, that was a long sentence.)  If the weather continues to hold my hope is that we will manage to get another entire row split, and stacked, before the end of the week.  That would be happy days!  Last year we lucked out because we didn’t get a bunch of snow so consequently we were able to take advantage of the thick ice on the swamp and cull a few hardwood trees from there.  If the same situation happens this year we may actually get ALL of our wood for next year split, stacked, and piled.  How amazingly brilliant would that be?  Now if I could just win that lottery before next fall I could hire someone to haul it into the basement for me.  I hate, loathe, despise, abhor, detest, and abominate that part.  And I don’t like it very much either. 

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