Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last Day of 2012

2012 has been a year of ups and downs.  Goods and bads. 


1. My daughter moved close to me.
2. My kitchen renovations were finally completed. 
3. I was asked to write for an on-line magazine.
4. We got our wood done early. 
5. I got to see my entire family...all in one place. 
6. I didn't chop anything off, break anything, or saw any body part in two, my body finishes the year in one piece.
7. The hubby and I are still talking, not divorced, and actually seem to still like each other.  
8. My dog seems to have learned to stay away from porcupines after a minor encounter.
9. My beach is coming along quite nicely. 
10. The weather was amazing this year. 
11. I've learned to like my cat.
12. The world did not end in rapture or Mayan disaster. 
13. I continue to enjoy writing in my blog. 


1. My mom died.
2. We ran out of money so could not complete our house renovations.
3. I managed to gain twenty pounds from stress eating. 
4. My cholesterol is high.
5. I've learned to like my cat.
6. I need new runners. 
7. I need to start running again. 
8. We got snow on the ground.

Tonight I will be celebrating the coming year as I've done many times in the past...eating dinner, reading a book, watching a movie, and going to bed whenever I am tired.  I may potentially stay up until midnight but if I were a betting woman I wouldn't take that bet. 

Our fantastic weather has finally turned to craptastic in the last couple of days.  We went from no snow to some snow, which means I can no longer see the green on my front grass.  Which sucks, but it is winter and being in Canada that means taking the bad with the good.  The temperature actually dropped today and has been hovering in the -5 degree range, but with a serious wind I am sure it feels so much colder (no I haven't taken the dog for a walk yet so I cannot be 100% positive about it...but I would take that bet.) Here is the newest submission to Life As A Human if anyone is interested in reading it.

Well it has been a pleasure regaling everyone with the antics that is Kitpu Estates, and I hope to continue the process into the next year, and the year after, and the year after....etc. 

So Happy New Year from all of us here at Kitpu Estates; Sunny McJingles, the Hellhound, Karson the cat, and me, Iron Bess of the East.   


  1. Right back atacha...

  2. Well 2013 is looking good so far as you managed to cross at least one of your "Bad's" off your list! New runners how exciting! I'm really happy that there are more goods on your list than bads! XOXO