Thursday, December 27, 2012


So there we go, another December 25th has come and gone, and life, the economy, and the world continues on.  Or does it?   

I woke up this morning to a green lawn, but then it started snowing, blowing, and winding like it hasn't done since some time two years ago.  Yuck.  The weather wizards on CBC radio were chattering all day that it was going to be turning to rain later this afternoon, and it spades.  Which is really, really crappy.  The reason I say that is because instead of curling up with a good book beside a fire tonight and never stepping foot outside the house the kidlet's hubby is flying in today from somewhere in the Denver area and has to fly to Toronto, then to Halifax, and they are talking about delays and cancellations.  Sunny McJingles, aka The Hubby, has volunteered to go and pick him up so the kidlet doesn't have to take her young ones out into this.  I suggested that if the flight actually does make it in he should probably just hotel it overnight and then hubby can pick him up during daylight hours.  But what do I know right?

It really is quick shitty out there.  I am really not that thrilled about hubby driving in this when it isn't absolutely necessary.  Okay I will quit loading this blog down in worry now and write about something else. 

We haven't actually done the whole Xmas thing yet seeing as we are missing one adult in the mix, so our dinner and gift opening will take place in two days.  The weird thing about it all is that even though we haven't actually done typical celebrations yet I already feel like I am done with the whole process.  It's one of those things that seems like a good idea at the time but really when it comes down to it I don't actually want to do it.  Oh, oh...I wonder if that is my mother speaking through me?  She was always like that. 

Me: "Mom I'm going to Lethbridge next weekend want to come?" 
Mom: "Oh that sounds lovely.  I would love to come."

Flash forward a week....
Me: "I'm just leaving now I'll be by to pick you up in five minutes."

Mom: "Oh dear I'm not going to go, I'm not feeling very well."

Me: "I just talked to you last night you were feeling fine."

Mom: " fell ill last night.  After talking to you I was up all night throwing up...and I developed cataracts...and I have Lyme disease...and Lupus...and I also fell down and broke my leg/arm/tooth/spine/small intestine...and forgot to wash my hair. So I can't go.  But I have a list for you to pick up for me it's only four pages long..."

And sadly that isn't an exaggeration. 

The kidlet and her brood spent the last three days with us so of course I am exhausted.  Here is a bit of advice for those people considering putting off having kids until they are in their forties.  DON’T!  Unless you have enough money to hire a nanny, au pair, cook, maid, butler, chauffeur, shrink and massage therapist.  (If you have that much money you may also want to consider someone else having the kids for you.  Oh and also building an entire structure next to your home to house all the toys, paraphernalia, gym, padded rooms, TV room, five ring circus, and miniature version of Disney Land you will need to keep them entertained.)  Otherwise I cannot vouch for your sanity nor chances of surviving into your fifties. 

And while I am on the topic of keeping tiny humans entertained I want to know when exactly did that kind of crap start?  I certainly do not remember having to entertain my kid (of course truth be told I don’t remember a bunch of stuff from that far back, I was too busy still being a kid myself.) And I know for a fact that my parents would have looked at me like I had just grown three heads if I had ever wandered over and wanted them to entertain me.  With five kids and no dryer my mom didn’t have enough time to keep up with the laundry let alone entertain any of us.  I would have gotten lucky to get off with a small bop up side the head. 

Also now that those small human types have begun to speak and understand speech I have discovered that I have a bit more of a potty mouth than I thought.  I mean I’ve never been adverse to dropping the occasional “F” bomb, but now when I have it repeated to me by a tiny little person it isn’t all that cool.  So the kidlet has decided that instead of saying, “Oh for fuck’s sake.”  It will be a lot better for us to say, “Oh for quack sakes.”  Or, “What the quack? “  So from now on it will be WTQ? 

Anyway I had better go and wrap some presents for the upcoming festivities.  I should but I think I’m not feeling very well I think I might be coming down with Dutch Elm disease so I may not be able to go. 




  1. I remember making play places out of cardboard boxes, or disappearing into the back 40 for hours at a time. I suppose parents these days (and maybe some then too) might be mortified at the concept of a 6 year old climbing trees over the little brook with only the dog as company, or walking into the forest behind the neighbour's place where the bull hid out and some less than savoury types hung around.

    It was occurring to 'himself' and I yesterday as we skiied in the back and found the remains of a recent successful coyote (we assume) hunt. I understand the whole needing to defend one's flock business, but when it occurs on my property I tend to get a bit wigged as I think of my intentions to send friend's kids out the back to have fun.

    And here we have snow, not lots like parts of Quebec, but certainly way more than last year and having already been out on the aforementioned skiis, we're already beating last year's x-country outings.

    1. Snow forecasted for tonight and tomorrow, so I suspect we will be plowing, blowing, and shovelling for a good number of hours on the morrow.

      I pretty much remember having free reign of the back forty, front forty, and everything in between. The rule was that if we heard the parental units calling it was time to go in. Oh and if the street lights came on time to get.

      So far all we have found in the back forty is coyote droppings and no kills. Although the other day Thing Two came back with some serious blood all over her. I assumed that she wasn't responsible for it as shepherds aren't exactly the greatest of hunters. They have a tendency to be kind of stunned. But you never know, they have been going after the rabbits and may have found a handicap rabbit.

  2. And did Sunny McJingles return? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Yes they made it, apparently the roads were a lot better than on the way out as the rain took most of the snow with it. Whew.