Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry Freakin Xmas Cookies

Holy Toledo!  I spent over six hours yesterday doing Xmas baking with the kid and feel as if someone beat me with a bag of oranges...frozen oranges.  Standing and mixing, rolling, cutting, and baking for that many hours is hard on the legs.  Thankfully I was wearing a pair of my daughter's Crocs otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stand up today at all. 

This morning we went at it again so now we have butter tarts, pumpkin tarts, sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, ginger cookies, and piggies in blankets all bagged and in the freezer.  It is nice to have company while doing this work; last year when I was being all Dora Domestica I only had the radio as company and consequently ended up massively depressed from listening to all the bad things the news always had to report all day long.  This time around we listened to Xmas carols and chatted about books, grandma, religion, politics, the weather, old friends, new friends, kids, school, more books, and more books.  We also spent a lot of time doing the following - 

Me: Get your butt back upstairs!  Go play with your toys. 

Kid: If I have to come up there someone is going to get a spanking!  Mom what else should I add to this?

Me: Can you pour a teaspoon of milk in this mix?  Leave your brother alone!  Do you want grandma to give you a spanking? 

Kid: Get out of this kitchen right now, and take your brother with you.  Go play with your toys or I'm putting you to bed.  Can you get the oven door for me mom?

Me: That consistency looks perfect, just stir it a bit more.  Scooter do NOT touch that it's hot!  Out! 

Ah the joyfulness of the holiday season. 


  1. Sometimes I think the sad part is how quickly all that many hours of baking can disappear into people...(little and big alike)....

    1. In my case it's big and bigger people. I can't blame it on the little ones because their crap intake is closely monitored.