Sunday, December 2, 2012

Home Again

Well here I am I managed to survive the week, and so did everyone else.  Yipee.  The Poop Brigade has been handed back to the parental units and I am now back at home with hubby and hell hound in tow.  It was a busy, busy week making sure that the munchkins did not a) kill themselves, b) become malnourished, or c) beat each other into bloody pulps (and let's face it, d) did not get sold off to the highest bidder because that could be a very real danger with Iron Bess when she gets annoyed.)  They were cute, adorable, loving, busy, annoying, sticky, loud, poopy and full of energy.  All in all I think it was quite a feat for me to accomplish. 

Which makes me realize that I am very happy not being a full time custodian of little people at this stage of my life.  They just take up wayyyyyy too much of a person's time and energy, even when one is not directly interacting with them.  I am far too fond of having my own space for long periods of time.  And I know this may not be a good thing to admit because it probably goes against some kind of female code of ethics, but I don't think that I am a natural care giver, or liker of little people.  I think I may have missed out on that gene when being built.  My mom was such a huge fan of the little ones that I think she may have gotten a double dosage of it and didn't have any left over to pass it on to me.  She used to get all gushy around them and coo at them and be all maternal and sigh with regret when they went away.  Me not so much. 

I'm still looking for a part time job and I can honestly say that I will be able to scratch Day Care Worker off the list. 


  1. My mom said she wished she could have had us at 5 when we could hold an intelligent conversation. Very young was not on her most-loved list.

    You'd love Caitlan Moran's How to Be a Woman. She writes about this very issue of motherhood.


    1. I used to say that all the time, but I was a year more generous, I think I started at 4 being able to handle being around kid(s).

      I think I have that book down on my 'to read' list. Have a great trip Ellen!