Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Practicing With Speech Recognition

I received my speech to text program in the mail today this is the one that I paid for. I have to admit it’s 100 times better than the free app I downloaded on my iPad. So I’m sitting here trying it out and feeling very self-conscious. It is definitely weird talking at the computer screen instead of typing. I’m conditioned to watch the words appear on the screen while my fingers are actually the ones doing the talking not my mouth. It’s really difficult to think this way. It is definitely going to be one of those things that I’m going to have to get used to.
It’s funny I thought I was pretty articulate, but this program has shown me that I’m a lazy speaker. Another thing this has shown me is that when I speak and I reread what is down on the page then I don’t see the mistakes. It is definitely something that is going to take a bit to get used to.
Anyway I guess this is enough for tonight. I will work on my, speech to text, writing skills a little bit more tomorrow morning. Good night all.


  1. Goodnight? At 8:29pm...jeez lahweeze you crazy party animal you!

  2. Interesting observations of voice to text and lag time and clarity in all of that. I can barely type, and can only mis-manage the vocal miscues and meant to say voice. I am so curious where this technology is taking us, thanks for exploring it.

    1. If you aren't a great typer I would say whole heartedly that this program is for you. If you are interested it is on sale this season at $74.00 plus shipping. The one I ordered is Dragon from Nuance.