Monday, February 18, 2013

Burgle, murgle, gwap...

The dog is sleeping on her bed beside me and all I can hear is, "burgle, murgle, gwap, glurk, glurk."  Not the typical sounds you expect to hear coming from an animal of the canine persuasion.  It is her stomach making those noises, so I don't have to get the camera out and record it for Youtube.  She hasn't been eating very much these days (we thought perhaps she had gotten into something over at the neighbour's place) and this just makes me think that we are right).  You see normally we do not allow the hellhound to wander around willy, nilly on her own, because - a) she is a complete dork.  b) she has a knack for getting herself into mischief.  c) did I mention she is a dork?  But lately I have been giving her a tiny bit of freedom with the hopes that she will stay in the yard.  I guess her nose just isn't going to allow that plan to come into being. 

One of the problems is that our neighbour throws their bones and scrapes out onto the front yard with the idea that the ravens will take it away.  (Yeah, I thought so too.)  They said that since we got the dog they stopped doing it, but I think they must have restarted because they saw that the dog was always tied up unless hanging out with either me or the hubby.  So she has been going over and partaking of the feast methinks.  Either that or she's swallowed a few little gremlins whole and they are making some serious noises to try and get out.  Which I guess brings me back to the conclusion that it is still too early to allow her freedom on her own.  Even though we only have one neighbour, and we live deep in the sticks, dogs will find shit to get into which will make their owners lose sleep.  Kind of like tiny, little humans...their main focus in life is to try and figure out ways of either maiming themselves, or each other. 

We are in the middle of another winter blizzard.  It looks craptastic out there.  When I opened the door to throw the hellhound out, just in case she decided to puke in the house, the front door had a perfect replica of itself all in white.  The wind has been blowing snow directly against the back of the house so consequently a big wind drift has lodged itself against the door.  I figured if I didn't want to get snowed in for a day or two I had better go out and dig out the front step and door.  Yes it looks craptastic, yes the wind is blowing the shit horizontally, yes it is all things least it isn't cold.  It will be so much fun to take the hound for her walk.  Maybe I will bring the GPS so I can find my way home. 

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