Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dark Have Been My Dreams of Late

I've just had the most craziest ideas swirling around in my brain as of late...but more on that later.  Right now I am seriously shnarkered.  That is a state where you allow the hubby to mix you a drink before supper, and then decide that one drink isn't enough so you mix yourself another drink.  Add to that the fact that I don't drink very often and that means I have a pretty good glow on. 

Today was a beautiful, warm, sunny, glorious kind of day.  And seeing as we have had a couple of weeks of cloudy, snow stormy weather it was frikkin awesome!!!  Like frakkin awesome...like totally rad man.  So nice in fact that I put on the ole walkin shoes and took the hellhoundicus out for a walk.  It was muddy, and sweet.  Of course as I was walking my brain was engaged in the story making process and it was coming up with some pretty scary shit.  It's weird, that is all I seem to be coming up with lately, dark, creepy, and bizarre.  I'd blame it on the meds I'm taking but I'm not taking any.  I'd blame it on the creepy movies I've been watching, but I haven't been watching anything creepy.  I'd blame it on the bizarro-land books I've been reading, but I haven't been reading anything.  (Oh, maybe that's the problem, I'm never not reading anything lately I've only been perusing the news.  Wait a minute....)

Cool news...today I received a copy of the magazine I have an article published in.  My first hard copy.  I've been contributing a lot of stories to a really cool on-line zine called Life As A Human, you should check it out.  It is wayyyyyyy cool with a lot of really good articles.  The only thing that would have made this particular one better is if my mom was still alive, it is all about how her and dad escaped from Hungary in 1957 and decided that Canada was the place for them.  I think she would have been seriously stoked.  I should have done it sooner.  Coulda-shoulda...I guess it's too late to beat myself up over that though. 

Well I had better go and eat something before I really get silly...like have another drink.  See Iron Bess drink....see Iron Bess throw up all over the floor! 

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