Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I want ta bop with ya baby all night long....

Second run down, millions to go.  My running discs are MIA so I dug through some old ones and put them into the machine-thing and ran to the oldies.  Dan Seal, Gordon Lightfoot, Boney M, Lynerd Skynerd, and many more.  I was sweating to the oldies, but not with Richard Simmons (yig).  I even did so much as sing along to the oldies.  Wow too bad you weren't here because I was rocking on baby. 

So this run was a tich bit faster than the last.  The knees were a tich bit more twingey, but not enough to be ouchie.  Water poured off my body, as per usual, even though I had the window open to the brisk outside air.  Once again the critters were locked out of the room because they have decided that the treadmill is the MOST exciting thing they have ever seen.  Even though they have probably seen it every day of their short little lives.  The whole moving thing seems to be what is facinating about it. 

Today I finished two stories, rewrote my five starts, and got my poetry critiquing done without having an aneurysm.  Oh Google, how I love you.  Just type in, Best methods for critiquing poetry, then pick your choice.  I worked like a hot dam.  So off to class tomorrow, here's hoping that the roads are nice. 

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