Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow eh.

Well it looks like it has finally stopped the whole blowing, and bit of snowing stuff (at least for awhile).  I hauled out the treadmill, opened the sliding door in front of it, and went for a bit of a run while watching the snow devils skip and swoosh around the lake.  The temperatures are once again at a place where they are tolerable.  Only -2 while I write this. 

The odd thing is that I did not really get the impression that it snowed a lot because there are large swaths of land where I can actually see the grass through the stuff, but when I took a closer look at the stuff I realized that we actually did get some snow...and the wind blew all of it into these big honking wind drifts.  Hubby suggested that I go and take some pictures off the deck, but I wasn't sure if the full impact would come through so I ended up slogging through the stuff so I could get a closer look at it. 

The following are pictures of the neighbour's small cabin next to Kitpu Estates, or more accurately surrounded by Kitpu Estates.  See that white wall next to it...that was not there two days ago. 

This is me getting a bit closer so you I can get a better shot of exactly how deep this stuff really is.  It's freaking deep.  Oh and from where I am standing I am up to my butt in the stuff. 
This wind drift must be over ten feet high as I couldn't even jump and touch the top of it.  This is me standing beneath and taking a picture upwards. 

This last picture is of the little weeny wind drift behind Kitpu Estates.  Shh, don't tell anyone because everyone will want one. 


  1. You need to make a fort in that windblown snowbank. I mean c'mon!

    1. Good plan! Once I'm done my homework tomorrow I'm totally going to do that. (Unless it starts raining and all of it melts by then.)

    2. Our snow has definitely been beaten down by our warm/rain today but ut's already starting to snow again so now it'll just be ridiculously heavy crusty snow.