Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Is Trying to Sproing

Ho man the weather yesterday was so nice that I almost had to do one of those hippy welcome dances in the front yard.  But seeing as I am not a hippy, and that the weather guys are saying that we are in for some rather nasty weather starting tomorrow, I refrained.  (Plus the fact that I would feel like a super tool as I am not the long skirt/corn rowed/Maria Von Trapp twirling kind of girl.)  It was warm, +15, and sunny, with blue skies and birds tweeting.  Exactly the kind of February that I never, ever experienced when I was a kid. 

In fact I remember vividly one February day as a twelve year old a friend and I had been bush whacking and found a huge rock which took some effort to climb, we finally managed to get to the top just when the sun came out and shone upon our heads.  We were out of the wind, and warm for the first time since going outside.  It felt like heaven.  It almost felt a little bit like summer.  But then the wind picked up, the clouds moved in, and the temperature dropped to -20.  I remember this feeling of vast disappointment in the world and just knowing that winter was never going to end. 

Which brings me to my point.  Its February!  It was plus 15 yesterday, and plus nine today.  How freakin cool is that?  I love that it isn't a hundred below zero.  I can feel that spring is just hiding around the corner.  I am loving that.  Plus I am no longer a kid so a few weeks no longer feels like FOREVER.  (Unless you happen to be waiting for the last day of work.) 

I even managed to go for a rather decent run yesterday.  Perhaps that is why the universe seemed to be so benign.  Ah the small joys of life.  Peace out man. 


  1. Well you could go ultra hippy and go out in your birthday suit. Really give something for the neighbors to talk about!