Monday, February 11, 2013

Holy smoking bejeebers is it ever hot in here.  Now it could be a hot flash, because lets face it I am known to have one or hundred of them a day, but it could also be the fact that we have a fire on and it is now in the +5 or 6 range already so consequently the shack is smokin. 

Today is one of those beautiful, sunny, warm days that a person can only really appreciate after three or four days of brutal cold and shit weather.  In fact last night it actually dropped into the -20's, but once the morning rolled around it quickly went up into the plus zone.  Unfortunately I can't take advantage of the weather right this second because we have to make another trip to the bank to sign some more papers.  Honestly, in the past year I have been to the bank more times than I have been prior to this in my entire life.  And...I do pretty much all my normal day to day banking on line. 

This is Karson taking advantage of the fact that it is a million degrees in the house and I have the windows open to allow some of the lifesaving cool air in so I do not die of hyperthermia while I am finishing up my blog.  

To finish off the day I will be getting my hair chopped off because it is driving me insane by hanging all over my face and neck, then we are off the the kidlet's place to help snowblow the windrows from her garage.  Digging out after a storm is half the fun eh. 

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